Thursday 30 September 2010

"02088" - (Crocodylus) - cm 25x70 - 2010

copyright Saverio Polloni

in front of "02044"


In my introduction I spoke about the"piece of art" and its reproduction,
of course Walter Benjamin  has long developed this theme several decades ago 
in his "The work of art in the age of its technologigal reproducibility".

But we are now living e different world .
Until few years ago everybody, while admiring a reproduction, were fully
conscious the original piece of art was elsewhere.
In recent years has raised a new generation of people whose main,
if not unique source of visual information is the Monitor (tv or computer).
I have the suspect (well... I am sure) that the constant loss of connection 
between an image reproduced on monitor and its real original size
cancel the importance, the concept itself of original dimension.

In addition, the ease of creating virtual images, or virtual modification
of images of work of art makes that there is no perception of differences
between an image on monitor and its original "body" in real life.
Losing a dimension of reference the work reproduced becomes the work itself
(if you evaluate a picture just for aesthetic and concept there is no difference
between a 200 cm.  painting on canvas and its reproduction at 200 pixels).

All my paintings  are LIFE-SIZE portrait of animals,
this means that if a Bull full body is 180 cm.  high it will be painted in this size
on my canvas.
This was a basic and crucial choice in my art.

So what you are loking at now on your monitor are only the reproductions
of the ideas of my works.